Each garment goes through a detailed process before being customer ready!


It all starts with a little idea... I collect imagery and items that form part of my research in the design process.

From there I sketch up several designs for a garment, playing around with shape, silhouette, seam placement, openings, fastenings, colours, fabric, the list goes on... I source all of my fabric from a local haberdashery.

Once I have finalised my design, I draft a unique pattern by manipulating a standard block. This often takes several attempts to perfect by toiling (mocking up) the design and then changing the pattern if there are any amendments to be made to the fit. When the pattern is ready to use, I grade it to all of the sizes that the design will be available in.

I then plan the pattern layout on the final fabric, pin the patterns down and cut out before getting to work on my sewing machine - this is the most exciting part, seeing a design come to life!